Wapato City Council August 16, 2021

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Wapato City Council August 16, 2021


Roll Call 00:00:03

Meeting Agenda Approval 00:00:51

Agenda Additions and Deletions 00:01:15

Meeting Minute Approval 00:03:02

Consent Agenda 00:03:33

Old Business 00:04:06

Liquor License for Exit 44 Bar and Restaurant

New Business 00:09:02

Expenditures for equipping recently purchased Police vehicle

Payment of Progress Estimate 2 French Lane 00:10:17

Approval for City to participate 00:11:39

Harvest Festival Activities

Liquor licenses La Casa De La Birria Mexican 00:20:26

Restaurant and Las Palmas

Department Head Reports 00:22:35

Audience Participation 00:33:12

Adjournment 00:45:20

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